The Bee Healthy Boutique workshop is the evolution of a 3 generation tradition.

Starting from the old days and the first grandfather's honeymoons, the steps of a long history and long tradition began.

We have gradually arrived at today, besides beehives, a modern production and packaging unit in which we create with art and taste an ever increasing range of traditional products.

A unique composition dominated by honey, the generous blend of aromatic bouquets, summer and bee. Continuously the number one in shielding our body, the only product with 180 organoleptics.

Handmade candy sweets and jams always made with fresh fruit have the rare ability to bring to our mind tender childhood moments.

The traditional pasta, the distinctive smells of which sizzling the secrets of harps and grains.

Pastelia and Mandolata, the long-lasting tonic sweets of Greek culture and Greek cuisine, whose roots start from Homer's Iliad.

Many more you are interested in can be found on our website.

What we believe is that each of our vases highlights the romance of the tradition that our family's family had to do.

What we represent, we younger members, is the life of beekeepers. Continuing with the pleasure that the elders started, it is the tribute that we attribute to them by wanting to recognize their works.

In our new facilities we ensure quality with the most modern methods and the most technological equipment.

Along with the Greek market, our company has emphasized exports so that its products can be found on international markets.