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Genuine fresh Greek honey.

It is also called "Suisurius". It is a product of high nutritional value, so it is available in Europe from Healthy Diet stores.
Excellent honey for children with anemia and for the elderly. A little of this honey is enough to rejuvenate. The heather honey has the unique property of dropping cholesterol.
Scientific research has shown that heather honey has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties with an emphasis on the urinary and digestive system.
It has a characteristic smell and flavor that is particularly appealing to discerning consumers.
It crystallizes quickly, in one to three months. It is dark and after its crystallization it gets a reddish appearance.
In France this honey is - along with chestnut and lavender - the finest French honey. The French produce - with this honey only - the famous French gingerbread.

Season: Spring & Autumn.

Perfume: aromatic honey.

Flavor: characteristic, strong.

Color: reddish, dark.

Crystallization: crystallizes quickly, within 3 months.

Nutritional value: especially tonic for the body, contains dozens of natural nutrients, vitamins, enzymes & amino acids.

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